How to build a successful product: the 14 principles of ease

“The recipe for a successful product is easiness. The product has to be easy to buy and easy to sell.” Hold on! The concept of ease is a good starting point for creating a successful product, but be careful not to take that advice at face value. Instead, ask what does ‘easiness’ actually mean [...]

Boom or bust? The chasm model will help, but first solve these two key questions

Will the start-up make it? Will the product innovation succeed? Boom, or bust – which will it be? The ‘chasm model’ developed by G.A. Moore (Crossing the Chasm) helps start-up businesses and tech innovators successfully take their product from one customer segment to the next. The model divides the target market into four customer [...]

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Start with the ‘who’

Success doesn’t come alone. Maybe you have just patented your invention, won a crucial bidding contest, or secured seed money for your business - still, success doesn’t come alone. Success always starts with people - you and the others. America’s new Vice President-elect Kamala Harris delivered a victory speech that will go down in [...]

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