Wanna Change the World?

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Wanna Change the World?

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Hi, I’m Tom Weckström, the founder of Balandor Inc. My passion is to help hi-tech companies systematically transform into successes capable of changing the World.

My Services, to Help You

Balance Your Business Systematically

People, Purpose, Product

Balandor’s 3P Model

Balandor’s approach to consulting crystallizes in Balandor’s 3P Model: People, Purpose, Product.

Your business needs the right people to produce added value to people, your customers. You get help from your trusted partners. The value and customer experience are a result of teamwork of many people.

The Purpose of your company sparks people’s motivation and is the driving force for your user and customer community.

Your Product captures your way of delivering value.

People, Purpose and Product form the core of your successful business. Contact me. Let’s meet and see how I can help your business flourish.

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