Balandor has helped its customers in a variety of projects from Business planning workshop to innovation management process development. You will get a 100% satisfaction guarantee to all our work. Read our customer’s comments below.

”Tom has helped us develop our innovation management to leaner and more systematic direction. He has also analyzed the commercial viability of some ideas. From his versatile toolbox, Tom has used brain storming sessions, lean methods and interviews. I recommend Tom’s services also to other growth oriented and innovative companies!”

Matti Mujunen, CEO, Netum Oy
Anita Ojala, Juuri Partners

Tom provided us expert-assistance in analyzing an investment target and in creating a growth business plan for the target company. Tom brought useful industry expertise to the project, particularly in terms of product leadership, product development, and understanding of product specifications, and acted as a great sparring partner for the project team. Working with Tom was straightforward and fun. He quickly became acquainted with the project and commended it admirably. We are pleased to cooperate with Tom and can recommend him for similar assignments.

Anita Ojala, Growth investor & Partner, Juuri Partners
Peter Sazonov

Tom helped us assess and set up a product management function, improved the collaboration between product management and development, co-designed a product development and backlog management process based on Modern Agile, and improved our recruiting and new employee on-boarding processes. Tom is very efficient and reliable yet easy person to work with!

Peter Sazonov, Co-founder & CEO, Treamer
Thomas Höglund, DONE Enterprises Oy Ab

”Balandor helped us go through the typical challenges startups face and solutions to them. We got a lot of information, knowledge and tools – for example Lean Canvas and Customer Development – and we were briefly trained to use those. After the consulting, we have used those tools and methods systematically. Consulting from Balandor was very useful; we minimized our risks and learned to focus on the essentials. We would like to work with Balandor in the future to further optimize how we work.”

Thomas Höglund, Founder, Done Enterprises
Heikki Viitanen, CEO & Co-founder,

”Our lean startup project with Balandor was extremely useful to us. We were able to clarify Memocate’s current state and our strategic choices for future development. We will continue on the same path and use the tools and working methods we learned during the project.”

Heikki Viitanen, CEO & co-founder, Memocate Oy

”Tom’s broad experience and expertise has helped us with recruiting, product development and product management. I warmly recommend Tom’s services!”

Jussi Koskinen, co-founder,
Jukka-Pekka Hamarila, Cauha Care Solutions Oy

Sparring our strategy with Tom not only brought clarity to our priorities – but it also gave us positive energy and trust that we are on the right track – Tom was able to see and express our strengths in an encouraging way.

  • Cooperation with Tom clarified our views – what’s important right now and where to focus.
  • I was impressed by Tom’s thorough dedication to the project with us.
Jukka-Pekka Hamarila, CEO, Cauha Care Solutions Oy

”Tom developed a concept for us to introduce our services. The concept makes the benefits of our Scope Manager, Experience, Software Size Measurement and Benchmarking Services very concrete for our prospective customers. Tom also gave a test drive for the concept with three potential customers. We received good feedback from all of those customers. We received a complete set of templates and instructions from Tom so we can offer this concept as easily as possible. I can recommend Tom for your projects related to marketing and creating new services and products.”

Pekka Forselius, CEO, 4SUM Partners Oy
Antti Jäänvirta

Tom is restful, positive, enjoyable and knowledgeable. We warmly thank for the help he gave us.

Antti Jäänvirta, CEO & Co-founder, Superlect
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