Balandor escorts your business to success with packaged services and tailored management consulting. Systematic, Lean methods and Agile approach are the corner stones of our services.

Balandor provides you with knowledge from outside your system, so you can succeed with your business. Read more about our services below, or move on to References to read our customer’s testimonials.

Numerous times have I found myself in the situations described below. Together with brilliant colleagues, we have solved the challenges. Balandor’s services combine 20 years of experience and the best Lean, Agile, and Systems thinking methodologies.

“If trying your best and working hard is not lead by new knowledge, we simply dig ourselves deeper in the ditch. Improving performance requires knowledge from outside the system.”

W. E. Deming, one of the fathers of Lean thinking

”What should we choose to the Roadmap?”

”Top-line stagnated. Is it CX?”

”How to fertilize out-of-the-box thinking?”

”Competition ahead. How do we differentiate?”

”The Product Rocks and Market Swings. Let’s Scale!”

”We know what to improve. But we have some questions.”

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