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Customer Experience Assessment

Puzzled by the customer experience of your business? Order CX assessment and you will get a list of improvement actions and hands-on help with prioritizing them.

Typical phrases, when there’s a need to check your CX:

  • Why don’t our customers love our products?

  • The sales pipeline is thick but we close too slowly.

  • After the initial interest, a lot of customers get disappointed.

  • Should we start measuring customer experience?

  • It’s challenging to take our product into use.

  • We have to improve our customer satisfaction.

  • What do our customers think about our products and services?


Find and prioritize the actions that will give the mightiest boost to your customer experience.

Implementation Methods:

Workshops, interviews, product or service test, observation. One agile sprint (1-2 calendar weeks).

Examples of assessed areas:

Personas, Customer journey, Metrics and KPIs, Processes, Customer Service, Automation.


From product management, sales, marketing, product development, and customer service, depending on your organization and the emphasis of assessment.

Time consumption:

Customer: typically 2 – 5 h / participant

Balandor: typically 10 – 30 h

Implementation options and pricing:

Quick assessment remotely + feedback face-to-face: 975€

Normal assessment face-to-face (1 day): 1500€

Extended assessment face-to-face (2 days) 2500€

VAT and agreed travel costs will be added to the prices.

What you will get:

Request for a free introduction meeting: