Palvelut johdon sparrauspäivä

Management Sparring Day

Pick a topic. A particularly challenging problem you have. I will help you solve it. You most likely have all the answers. It’s just easier to find them when someone is listening, sharing your thoughts, and asking the right questions. Sparring day can be done one on one or with your team.


Proceed from the challenge to the solution together.


Implementation Method:

First, we have an introduction discussion and go through the theme of the sparring day and agree on the preparation actions. The sparring day environment can be anything from a meeting room to an island, or a path in a forest. Within a week from the introduction discussion, we will have the sparring day as agreed.


Examples of themes:

  • Preparing a change
  • Risk analysis
  • Challenging the strategy or a business plan
  • Choosing metrics and KPIs



People, who are needed for solving the chosen challenge.


Time consumption:

Customer: ca 8h / participant

Balandor: ca 15h


Implementation options and pricing:

2495€ / day including the introduction discussion, preparation tasks, and a workshop of max 8 hours.

VAT and agreed other facility, food and travel costs will be added to the price.


What you get:

Ask for a free introduction meeting: