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Offering Audit

Offering Audit helps you find the levers you need to pull to trim your product and service offering. We will take a full 360 degree view to your whole product offering. After the audit, you know what to improve and how.

Typical phrases indicating you need an Offering Audit:

  • How to we create a winning roadmap?

  • Why is our customer base growing so slowly?

  • Sales and partners claim the product is difficult to sell.

  • How can we measure the success of product management?

  • Customers’ needs must be better represented on our roadmap!

  • Competition ahead. How do we differentiate?

  • Our offering is so good. There’s nothing we can do to improve it.


We want to find out, what areas in your product and service offering should be improved to boost your sales and reduce your costs the most.


A holistic ”360×360 -review” of your offering. Interviews, material reviews, workshops. One agile sprint (1-2 calendar weeks).

Perspectives of the audit:

Products, services, processes, metrics and KPIs, tools, product strategy, organisation, people, skills.

Recommended participants:

Representatives from one or more of the following responsibility areas: product management, sales, marketing, customer service, and product development.

Time consumption:

Customer: ca 4-8h / participant depending on the implementation method

Balandor: ca 8-20 h

Implementation options and pricing:

Quick audit remotely + feedback meeting face-to-face: 975€

Normal audit face-to-face (1 day): 1500€

Extensive audit face-to-face (2 days): 2500€

VAT and agreed travel expenses will be added to the prices.

What you will get:

Request for a free pre-audit meeting: