Product Leader Mentoring Service

The Product Leader Mentoring Service is meant for the leaders of product management and product development. Through mentoring, individuals develop their skills and even the hardest problems will be easier to solve together. The amount of mentoring time per month is agreed case-by-case.

Typical situations, where mentoring could help:

  • We identified improvement activities and started the work. How do we tackle the challenges?

  • I hired a young professional with high potential, but I’d need to mentor her more then I have time right now.

  • Following the principles of continuous learning and improvement, I will offer my team members a chance to get an outsider to help with creative problem solving. This is my way to motivate my team to give their best.

  • I wonder how other companies have handled everything related to product management.


Individual development as a leader of things or people in product management or in product development. Incentivizing young talent with personal mentoring. Enabling also team level development with an outsider mentor.

Implementation Methods:

Personal mentoring meetings or phone calls on a regular basis. Mentor available also on demand for ad-hoc questions as agreed.

The service includes a joint starting meeting between the mentor, actor and the actor’s supervisor as well as checkpoint meetings between the three every six months.


One actor and one mentor (Tom Weckström).

Pricing examples:

6 x 2h mentoring meetings during 6 months: 1800€

8h mentoring / month in sessions of 1-2 hours.: 929€ / month

VAT and agreed other expenses will be added to the prices.


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