Who’s behind Balandor?

Balandor yritys liikejohdon konsultti

Who’s behind Balandor?

Balandor exists to help entrepreneurs and their teams innovate a better World.

Balandor is a one man special unit boosted by a wide network of professionals and ready to help you and your company survive, improve, and succeed.

My background very briefly:

years in ICT business
years of digitalisation
years in management teams
listed companies
years in boards
M&A adventures

Why and How was Balandor Founded?

In Autumn 2016, my dream job as the Head of Product Management in a cleantech IoT startup had ended because of a financial turmoil the company was going through. I had just gotten fired for the first time in my life.

Gotten through the first shock, I noticed I was getting back to the enticing and exciting thought of becoming an entrepreneur.

Would my experience be enough to attract customers? Would anyone be interested? Can I do all of it?

I wanted to discover my abilities to help companies with their most challenging questions. I used Slush 2016 event as my test bed. On the first day, I managed to help two companies find the right connections through my network and advised one startup with their customer experience.

Being able to help and the thankfulness of those who received the help made me feel happy and energetic. I was being helpful. My advise was accepted and appreciated. I was blasting with joy. I wanted more of this!

Someone has said that “The two most important days of your life are the day you were born and the day you find out why.” In Slush 2016 I realized that for my professional life, my purpose is to help technology companies succeed – and make the World a better place while doing that.

I founded Balandor, because I believe that together we can make the World a better place with new innovations around technology, products and services. The most effective way for me to help several companies is to share my knowledge as a mentor, strategic advisor, and board member.

I believe that in the long term, the most profitable, sustainable and impactful business is done in balance between the company, its stakeholders in the broadest possible sense, and the environment. The name Balandor is derived from the words Balanced and Advisor. As an advisor, I’m looking for Win-Win solutions that help my customers create purposeful, profitable, and balanced business.

How does Balandor operate?

  • Listens to and asks to understand your needs and your operational and strategic landscape,
  • Provides balanced solution proposals that take into account the identified needs, situational factors, the landscape, and the stakeholders,
  • Commits to help also with the execution of the proposal, and
  • Strengthens its offering with a network of partners. For example: Coventures, FiBAN, and a number of experienced entrepreneurs.

Balandor’s Value Proposition

I seek for Win-Win solutions. I deliver concrete measurable results. I want to have happy customers. As a customer of Balandor, you can always ask for a fixed price offer and all the work done has a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Balandor’s work aims at furthering the Sustainable Development Goals of United Nations.

Balandor donates a part of its profit to charity every year. In addition to donating money, I use part of my working time on chosen volunteering projects. The most important themes for Balandor’s charity work are nature, young people, health, and education.

In 2017, my volunteering projects were: Pro bono consulting for the Finnish Youth Association in one of their software sourcing projects, and mentoring one young professional at Suomen Mentorit ry. In 2018, I continued as a mentor at Suomen Mentorit ry and joined xEdu startup accelerator as a mentor to help edtech startups. In 2019, I helped Finnish Youth Association again, continued in Suomen Mentorit, joined the Oxygen 2050 movement, and started voluntary work with the Finnish Business Angels Network (FiBAN).

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