Palvelut skaalausboosteri

Scalability Booster

In Scalability Booster service, we first identify and analyze factors that affect the scalability of your business. Then we create a plan for scaling your business. Balandor or its partners can also help in executing the plan.

Typical situations, in which Scalability Booster would help:

  • Time-to-revenue is too long with some products or with some customers or segments

  • Sales pipeline grows but revenues don’t.

  • Wey are too busy putting out fires. We have no time to do anything else.

  • It’s too slow to take our product into use.

  • The product rocks and market swings. Let’s scale!

  • Top-line is not growing as we anticipated. What’s wrong?

  • We have a technically superior product, but our competitors are growing faster than us.


Growing your business x times bigger.

Implementation methods:

360×360 -scalability analysis, in which we identify the bottlenecks for scalability.

The work is done through workshops, interviews, observations, auditing, mentoring, and supporting change in your organization.

The sharpening work is carried out through as many Lean iterations as needed. Between the iterations, we check the results together, learn, and adjust the plan.

Examples of areas blocking your scalability:

Sales, Marketing, Product Management, Product Development,  Customer Service, Funding, People Management, Finance, ICT.


Management and subject matter expert representatives for the areas of improvement.

Time consumption:

To be agreed case-by-case.

Implementation options and pricing:

To be agreed case-by-case.

You will get:

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