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Sharpening Product Management

Continuous improvement is vital. Only the most adaptive survive and succeed. Sharpening Product Management service not only helps you clarify what product management does and does not do, but it also helps you reach your goals. Read below what this service includes and how it might fit your situation.

Typical situations, in which Sharpening would help:

  • We did a strategic pivot. Does this change how we create our product?

  • Sales and Marketing want a product that is easier to sell.

  • We are putting out bush fires. We have no time to improve how we work.

  • How do we select the right things to the roadmap?

  • R&D would like to better understand our customers’ needs.

  • How could we measure the success of our product management?

  • Competition ahead. How do we differentiate?


More desirable product. Happy customers. Better top line and bottom line.

Implementation methods:

Introduction meeting, where we go through, what areas of product management you’d like to improve and why. The Offering Audit service is one way to find out what might be worth improving.

The actual sharpening work is done through workshops, interviews, observations, auditing, ideation, and supporting change in your organization.

The sharpening work is carried out through as many Lean iterations as needed, following the Plan, Do, Stydy, Act (PDSA) concept. Between the iterations, we check the results together, learn, and adjust the plan.

Examples of areas to be sharpened:

Supporting Sales and Marketing, Roles and responsibilities, Understanding the product management frameworks, Requirements management, working with R&D, Product Life-Cycle Management, Pricing, Product portfolio, Marketing, Tools, Metrics, Product strategy.


Depending on where the sharpening work focuses, we need representatives from product management, sales, marketing, product development/R&D, and Customer Service.

Time consumption:

Customer: 1-10 days per participant. To be agreed after deciding on the focus areas for sharpening.

Balandor: to be agreed case-by-case.

Implementation options and pricing:

Quick sharpening (2 days): 2500€

Standard Sharpening (5 days): 4750€

Full Sharpening: priced case-by-case – Ask!

VAT and agreed costs such as travel expenses will be added to the prices.

You will get:

Ask for a free introduction meeting: